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Bridger Steel Product Training & Installation Advice

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Metal Panel Training


Bridger Steel wants each panel we sell to last a lifetime.  But a panel is no better than the quality of installation.  To help provide the best support to our roofers and installers, we offer product training on all metal panels we provide.

A Bridger Steel team member is available to walk you through the installation process, and answer any questions or provide additional recommendations.

For installation team training, we currently offer a limited on-site service for a review of proper installation procedures based on the project dimensions, regional impact, and best practices for installation of the panel itself.

This opportunity is currently offered in the following states: Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, and portions of Colorado and North Dakota.

To reach a specialist about a possible training visit, or to simply get some advice on your next project, fill out the contact form and a team member will be in touch shortly.