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Get help with your project from our team of experienced specialists

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Not quite there yet and have a few questions? We can help with that too. Our team can help you at any stage in the design process.  Our goal is to provide solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Preparing Your Quote

At Bridger Steel we want to get you the most accurate quote possible on your renovation or new build. Our team of specialists will work to find solutions to your goals using the best products possible.

In order to process your quote as quickly as possible, please go through these common questions needed to produce an accurate quote for you:

General Questions

1. What is your estimated timeline for needing materials on-site?

2. Who are the other parties involved in the build (installers, contractors, etc.)?

3. Is the build located near salt water? Near a body of water?

4. Are there specifications related to the project?

5. Is this quote for a public bidding process, or government contract?

Additional Roofing Questions

1. What is the pitch of your roof?

2. Is this a retrofit or new build?

3. Are there any weather considerations we should be aware of (wind, hail)?

5. Do you have measurements of your roof? A cut-list?

6. Are there any factors that require special attention?

Looking for Samples?

We have an online store dedicated to helping you find the perfect color for your next project. Shop our online store for a wide range of color and panel samples.