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Color Trends Design Guide

Including Color Themes, Project Examples, and Top Design Trends for the Year

Download 2019 Guide

Each year trends change, and new ideas and color combinations provide homeowners, builders, and architects with exciting options for upcoming projects.  At Bridger Steel we put together an annual guide to help you create lasting beauty.

Design Guides

Each year Bridger Steel uses internal and external influences to create a guide to help designers, builders, and creative individuals choose the right colors or finishes.  Our goal is to find the right balance of trending and timeless to create eye-catching color palettes that stand the test of time.

We couldn't take part in so many amazing projects without our incredible vendors, partners, and most importantly, the experience of our local contractors and architects. Check out the new residential, commercial, and agricultural examples section of the guide, or browse through more project examples here to see some great projects by these talented teams.

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